Where have you been all my life, Jean-Philippe Demeyer?

An on-going conversation I have with a particularly creative friend out west is "what's next"? The lifespan of trends is confusing these days; Is it here and gone, and then so cyclical that it whips back again just when we're on to the next look? The process makes me crazy, and I try to avoid it as much as possible. It's difficult to do, especially when your "job" is to source pieces that will sell... I never want to bow to a trend, but I need to supply people with pieces that they want to live with. It's a tricky balance. SO the question for me is always, who is saying something totally original, unaffected by trend, in the days of "it's all been done before"? Who is inspired and inspiring?

Enter Jean-Philippe Demeyer (accompanied by all the heart eyes!!) !

From this morning, his stand at PAN Amsterdam, captured by Willemijn de Leeuw:

With all the color of Tony Duquette, and a pop edge infused with a surrealist slant...totally unexpected combinations and a vision that is singular to him... I AM IN LOVE with his work. His IG feed is the type that makes you want to delete everyone else you follow, close the blinds, shut out the rest of the beige world and imagine new possibilities. Some pics from his site:

jean-philippe demeyer 1

A slightly more subdued design, but no less inventive and ... that carpet!

Jean-Philippe Demeyer

This combination below drives me crazy, I love it so much-that slate table OMG:

jean-philippe demeyer

You wanna glue paper flowers to a lampshade and put in on a pottery lamp? Do it.

Napolean III console & 1950s tapestry:

jean-philippe demeyer
jean-philippe demeyer
jean-philippe demeyer

Andrea Salvetti table:

Extreme color, ruffled skirting, Chinese deco rug... I would never do it, but this pic has me wondering why not? I would love to ask him, what is off-limits?

jean-philippe demeyer

Beautiful composition, and that textile is just so ARRRGHHHGHGHGH good!

jean-philippe demeyer

For more insanely colorful, inspired, immediate gratification, check his IG feed:

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